Sunday, January 16, 2005


adj. Containing or encompassing a whole lotta liquid--in fact, a positively porky amount of liquid.
Real citation: "She entered the bathroom slowly and softly, as if stealth was of the essence. It was a large, windowless, feebly lit room with rows of weary old yellowing white basins and urinals. One of the showers was running. . . . Other than that, the place seemed to be miraculously empty. Perhaps if she hurried -- into a toilet cubicle. She had been sitting down no more than fifteen seconds when she thought she heard a faint grunting sound. Then -- a prodigious pig-bladdery splattering sphincter-spasmed bowel explosion, followed by, in rapid succession, plop plop plop and a deep male voice: 'Oh, fuck! Splashed right up my fucking asshole!'"
(Tom Wolfe, Excerpt from I am Charlotte Simmons, Rolling Stone Issue 961, Nov. 11, 2004, p. 86)

Made-up citation: "My mom makes the most pernicious, perturbing, pig-bladdery pea soup in all of hell."

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