Monday, January 24, 2005


adj. This describes the fragile historical period immediately following an unintentional instance of peek-a-boob.

Related terms: nip slip, nip-slipper, nipple slip, nipplage, nipplage slippage, nippage slippage, post-Janet-Jackson's-breast, breastgate, boobgate, breast fest, boob slip, boob-unveiling, boob-slippage, peek-a-boobie, boob blunder, mammary meltdown.

Real citation: "We don't WANT to focus on Tara Reid, but she keeps us so very occupied. In this fat edition, a post-nipslip Tara goes apeshit on a bystander."
("Gawker Stalker: Tara Reid Lashes Out," Nov. 8, 2004, Gawker,

Made-up citation: "Not many of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's sonnets rhyme "post-nipslip" with "Toast! Pip pip!"

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