Tuesday, January 04, 2005


noun. A person who has stopped driving demons out of humans and begun pumping milk out of cows.

Related terms: optometrist-turned-sharpshooter, diplomat-statesman-scholar-senator-turned-president, priest-turned-tour guide, rabbi-turned-lawyer, Detroit pimp-turned Caribbean gangster, ex-pimp-turned-cop, pimp-turned-preacher, preacher-turned-atheist, squirrel-turned-roadkill, former radical-governor-turned-roadkill-eating swamp avenger, former-Florida-governor-turned-roadkill-eating-environmentalist, FBI snitch turned spokesman, stripper-turned-mayor, former milkman turned Elvis impersonator, milquetoast milkman turned middleweight champ, postal worker turned tennis pro.

Real citation: "As Krogan continues his reign of terror, Gavin and Amy turn to a reluctant exorcist-turned-dairy farmer who has been victimized by Krogan in the past. "
("Driven (Walker Large Print Books)," http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1410401480/103-8749830-5434213?v=glance)

Made-up citation: "The Kerry campaign will long regret ignoring the exorcist-turned-dairy-farmer vote."

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