Wednesday, January 19, 2005

post-brain-suckage syndrome

noun. A disease afflicting those whose brains have been slurped out--literally or metaphorically.

Real citation: "Act One begins with everyone at Xander's apartment, and Dawn is describing the encounter with Glory in a way that makes it sound like Buffy kicked the holy crap out of the goddess, concluding with 'Wham! Hellbitch in orbit.' Everyone (except Buffy, who is nervously peeking out of the blinds, and Tara, who is still suffering from post-brain suckage syndrome) seems impressed: Xander crows 'Go Buff!', and Giles is beaming as he tells Buffy "I knew you'd best Glory eventually...I mean, all of our years of training-" Buffy cuts him off with the dead voice she has when she has been pushed to her limits: 'Truck hit her.'"
(M. Scott Eiland, "Spiral 5x20,"

Made-up citation: "Nothing like a lengthy meeting to bring on another tragic case of post-brain-suckage syndrome."

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