Wednesday, March 15, 2006


noun. This involves no pole of romance--only an intrusive javelin of high-strung, uptight priggery.

Related terms: bad-buttedness, bare-buttedness, big-buttedness, blubber-buttedness, broad-buttedness, bubble-buttedness, cake-buttedness, cute-buttedness, dumb-buttedness, fat-buttedness, fuzzy-buttedness, his-royal-monkey-buttedness, iron-buttedness, kick-buttedness, large-buttedness, non-fuzzy-buttedness, pain-in-the-buttedness, pig-buttedness, pucker-buttedness, stick-up-the-buttedness, suck-buttedness, tight-buttedness, whiny-buttedness.

Real citation: "i was probably laughing as a reaction and statement about the pole-up-buttedness of the proceedings, but perhaps that's mostly knee-jerk and adolescent."
(March 30, 1998,

Made-up citation: "Though not listed in the DMS-IV, pole-up-buttedness is all too real and painful."

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