Wednesday, March 08, 2006


adj. Kind of like a jackass plus an asshole minus two asses.

Related terms: jackhole, jackholish, jackholery.

Real citation: "first off, i've had a lot of inquiries as to how bad that one comment was that i deleted it on the last post. for the record, it was a spam comment with a link to who knows what, so i deleted it because i don't want people contracting viruses and accidentally getting on spam servers from my blog. no matter how jackholey ol' anon e mouse gets, i won't delete him. maybe. probably. :-)"
(Alice, "tales of farm school," August 12, 2005, Alice's Wonderland,

Made-up citation: "For the new essay section of the SAT, students will need to carefully define 'jackholey,' 'assholey,' and 'buttholey' using specific examples from their neighborhoods and gene pools."

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