Friday, March 03, 2006


noun. A raving loony of the female-ier sex.

Related terms: moonbat, moonbatter, moonbatty, non-moonbatty, moonbatish, non-moonbatish, moonbatesque, moonbattitude, moonbattery, moonbattage, moonbatosity, moonbatism, moonbatterism.

Real citation: "His wife is CONTEMPLATING divorce? Just thinking about divorce? Well, I suppose it doesn't matter, because if she does divorce him there are plenty of stupid women out there. And I bet you some sicko moonbatette will read about it in the papers and think..."Hmmm. So he's single again?" And write to him in prison."
(mollywog, June 28, 2005,

Made-up citation: "Batwomen, dingbats, and moonbatettes have their charms. Especially if you're Batman or a batshit-nutty whackjob."

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