Friday, March 10, 2006


noun. No chiropractor necessary--unless he looks cute in chaps.

Related terms: Much linguistic brokebackery can be found here.

Real citation: "As for Ken's brokebackitude, let's not forget the notorious Earring Magic Ken, designed in the early '90s based on their observations of the guys who hung out in all-night clubs in NYC. A lot of those clubs have names like 'The Manhole'."
(Townleybomb, Feb. 9, 2006, Althouse,

Made-up citation: "I don't object to the brokebackitude of Brokeback Mountain, but I won't go see it 'cause it looks like one of the most wretched and cornbally chick flicks of the millennium. Gag me with a branding iron."

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Anonymous said...

always good to hear of a man who isn't threatened by a gay this or gay that. however, the movie is based on a very moving short story by Canadian writer Annie Proulx, and it's so much more than a "chick flick" (which implies excessive emotional mushiness without a lot of substance). plus, the sex scenes are hot. for the first time we have been given a little boy-on-boy action, and I as a female am thankful! overall though the movie is deeply moving, no matter your gender, sexual identity, or sexual preference.