Friday, February 20, 2009


noun. A hard to identify quality that laypeople often confuse with pizzazz.

Real citation: "I know, I know! You think spelling bees are boring and I keep writing about them, but this post has some pizzazz-a-majiggy!!! Today was an Angus Glen Community Centre's first annual spelling bee. I kinda lost somewhere in the second or third round! I got a lot of hard words. First word, caterpillar!!!!! First words are always the easiest! Man, I can't believe thst was my first word!!! The first person had to spell afraid and I get caterpillar?????!!!! People are crazy these days! That includes me!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!"
(Oct. 25, 2008, Monica's Sparkles of Fun,

Made-up citation: "I misplaced the pizzazz-a-majiggy... Do you think anyone will notice if I use my
green-glowing-nano-slime-ammo-pack instead?"

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