Friday, December 02, 2005


noun. My apathy is really fucking something.

Related terms: non-caredness, no-caredness, taken-caredness, devil-may-caredness, I-don't-caredness, why-do-I-caredness.

Real citation: "His name was Shawn. But he also had a nickname, which I don't remember at this time but let's go with "Hank" for the sake of who-the-fuck-cares-edness. He said he thinks he has a split personality. I said, "A split personality?? Fabulous!" because that's what I do in these situations. I mock them, but they're so delusional that they don't even realize that I'm making fun of them."
(Dawn, Sept. 4, 2005, Tiny Voices in My Head,

Made-up citation: "What you call 'who-the-fuck-cares-edness,' I call Zen. Now piss off; it's naptime, bucko."

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