Thursday, December 22, 2005

lick hippo-hole

verb phrase. 1. Sucks. 2. Sucks rocks. 3. Maybe sucks hippo rocks in addition to hippo heinie.

Related terms: lick hippo crack, lick hippo nutz, lick hippo sack, lick hippo taint.

Real citation: "Okay! Okay! I'll admit Alias started licking hippo-hole roughly around the end of season three."
(WM.™ STEVEN HUMPHREY, "I Love Television," The Stranger,

Made-up citation: "Much to my chagrin, the finale of Nip/Tuck licked hippo-hole while featuring enough nearly, metaphorically, or actually castrated males to put me in therapy for the rest of my life. Where's my bucket of brain bleach?"

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