Friday, July 24, 2009


noun. Did you know Benjamin Franklin invented the word "spiffy"? Or that Benjamin Franklin never existed? If so, I just pleasured your brain. That'll be thirty dollars.

Real citation: "Oh, this fic is amazing. The Slayer thing is so smoothly integrated into the universe it feels like it's always been there. It's not a huge, glaring LOOK AT ME I'M HERE thing that rushes to arrive to the amazing!revelation (tm). And then there's all the little plots and characters weaving in the foreground, and Mal is so painfully in character, and what you've done with Inara is so very interesting. And when you mentioned that people now assumed that demons and monsters were code words for other things (haha, real demons, surely you jest), I think I just had a geek-history-gasm. XD And now the Slayer weapon!"
(July 5, 2007,,

Made-up citation: "I tried putting the word 'geek-history-gasm' in my course descriptions, but the dean fired me. Now I'm teaching history on the street. I also have a crystal meth problem, and I could really use that thirty dollars."

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