Friday, July 31, 2009


noun. At last! The secret ingredient in awesomesauce.

Real citation: "Where the hell did they find this guy? There’s a 'boy who fell to Earth' quality about him, like David Bowie’s Lady Stardust come to life. It’s a little hard to believe that, until a few months ago, he was toiling away as an obscure understudy in the L.A. production of Wicked. He’s easily the most fun Idol ever, a flam-bam-boyantly queeny California boy who has devoted his nights to making Midwestern housewives slobber into their tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra. Whether he’s slutting up a rocker like 'Born to Be Wild' ('wiii-eeee-iiyaaaiild!') or sobbing his way through 'Mad World,' he oozes pure awesome-stosterone."
(May 13, 2009, Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone,

Made-up citation: "Doctor, I need ten bags of awesome-stosterone, immediately! I need them coursing through my veins! Because I am a loser!"

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