Saturday, July 11, 2009


noun. Sigh. Where's an abyss when you really need one?

Real citation: "the importance of individual productions is tantamount to the production of an individual, where the other comes from, the self gains space, understandings, questions, fears, anxiety -- but paramount is the production, for when one starts w/ nothing & ends up witha mountain, one asks, "from whence these peaks has this view formed?" & an ever-building altitude is essential for contribution to our great endeavor, so thank you Matt, for taking the time & writing it all down, openly, honestly, w/ heart & vigor -- the influences are to be celebrated, their sweat has given us greater platform away from the abyss/ toward the abyss -- to embrace the abyss via an unrelenting abysslessness thru conduit of self-constructing materiality."
(Sept. 15, 2008, Santiago's Dead Wasp,

Made-up citation: "I wondered why I was having such a great day... Then it hit me: the abysslessness! That jailbreak didn't hurt either."

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