Thursday, October 29, 2009


adj. Curvy; bulgy; bulbous; jagged; spiked; protuberance-y.

Real citation: "And I also feel that this book is more precious to me because I earned it, instead of just asking Mummy to buy it for me. So if I eventually do lend it out, please, please,
please don't lose it, bend the pages/spine, put it flat down, leave any coffee (or anything else for that matter) stains, don't open the book too widely, don't put bookmarks inside cause it'll make the pages un-flat-ishy, don't put it into your handbag cause it'll damage the sides, don't hold it against your body (like how you carry your textbooks in your hand) cause it bends the pages at the bottom, don't put anything on top of the book cause it can leave small dents/scratches on the book cover and etc. Just please, take very, very good care of it."
(March 31, 2009, Hidden Potatoes,

Made-up citation: "Science hasn't been the same since we learned the earth is un-flat-ishy and bears need to eat three orphans a day to survive. Mom tells me lots about science!"

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