Saturday, October 03, 2009


adj. Do I smell orange? Do I taste orange? Do I see orange? Kinda maybe sorta.

Real citation: "But I can't decide who Cyborg will be! GRR! -Stabs self- See, originally I was gonna have Cyborg be Sailor Mercury. But then I though, 'Well, Raven wouldn't be a good Sailor Venus, so I'll make her Sailor Mercury!' Then I thought, 'Wait, Cyborg would make an even WORSE Sailor Venus! And it would be funny if Raven was Sailor Venus, because Venus is the god of love!' And THEN I thought, 'BUT WAIT! What if I make Starfire Sailor Venus because she's kinda orange-y-ish-y, then make Cyborg Sailor Mercury, and THEN make Raven as Sailor Moon!' Then I got confused and my brain went splody. DDDD: So, I'm left with making Raven and Cyborg either Sailor Venus or Sailor Mercury. PLEEEEEEEEEASE help me CHOOOOOOOOSE! -Sobs- D:"
(June 13, 2007, deviantART,

Made-up citation: "This tea is a little orange-y-ish-y...and very pee-y-ish-y. Damn you, Dr. Vargas! I'd know your urine anywhere."

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