Friday, October 02, 2009


noun. The very lifeblood of a dork, besides, you know, Poindextrose.

Real citation: "Furthermore if they have insecurities about their positions why not study instead of committing crimes and make $ instead of being sued, which i hope they do. Another possible argument is the parenting, oh its their parents fault they are like that, yes i am sure somewhere in the back of 'parenting for dummies' it says: Make sure you instruct your child to pick on those who can not fight back and do criminal acts, it is what any aspiring parent would do. In other words, the only explanation is we have a group of teams goofed up on dork-tosterone and they have a video camera."
(Oct. 28, 2007,!C18C20AF1E564A0D!422.entry)

Made-up citation: "I wouldn't say dork-tosterone is coursing through my veins--more like reading quietly in my veins and gawking at the librarians."

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