Sunday, September 13, 2009

oversized novelty breast syndrome

noun phrase. A version of Tomb Raider mega-boobies syndrome.

Real citation: "5. Art: Oversized Novelty Breast Syndrome
The art departments are generally the people who have their act sorted out; the quality of videogame art is often exceptional. Yet we still see female character models in many games with vital statistics fresh from the imagination of a hormonally-possessed teenage boy. Motorstorm was a top-tier release for the PS3, and it has a female motorcyclist with a physique better suited to a porno movie than a racing tournament. It's not just offensive to women to use these hyper-sexualised character models, it’s bad business for any game targeting a mass market audience to present itself with such amateur aesthetics."
(April 29, 2009, International Hobo,

Made-up citation: "No proposed health plan will offer treatment for oversized novelty breast syndrome, because it is awesome."

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epeolatrist said...

I have started a fund called Break Our Oversized Breast Stereotypes to help women with ONBS. These women should not be discriminated against because of their impossibly gigantic breasts, and they need our help!