Sunday, September 06, 2009


adverb. Sounds like the hench-cleavage is at it again.

Real citation: "Siesta single-handedly, or rather double-boob-edly, tipped the balance in favour of this show. NotoMami's boob fairy joining the cast is a good thing (i hope). And of course i'm dying to find out what happens to the Reiji Maigo. Oops, wrong Hino Rie show. The plot so far has been rather blah, so zero expectations there."
(June 25, 2008, The Legend of Zunderella,

Made-up citation: "If I can only shrink my man-boobs, through a strict regimen of physical fitness and fewer than three cakes a day, maybe someday the local bloggers will stop using the word 'double-boob-edly' in their reviews of my ballet troupe."

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