Friday, June 09, 2006


noun. A citizen with public speaking responsibilities in addition to fuckheaded backwards behavior.

Related terms: spokesbaby, spokesbat, spokeschimp, spokescrab, spokescrony, spokesdemon, spokesdipshit, spokesdoofus, spokesdude, spokes-fembot, spokesferret, spokeshottie, spokeslackey, spokesloony, spokeslunatic, spokesmaniac, spokesmartian, spokesmonkey, spokesmoron, spokesnomad, spokespuppet, spokespuppy, spokesvermin, spokesweasel, spokeswookie.

Real citation: “Roger Scheissman, official spokesfuckhead for alt.flame."
(Anonymous, Sept. 28, 2001,

Made-up citation: "Hiring a man named Snow as White House press secretary was a brave step towards honesty; another step was taken yesterday when the position was renamed Spokesfuckhead-in-Chief."

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