Monday, June 05, 2006


noun. Not sure I can explain this one, but me likey the sound of it.

Real citation: "The L Word (Showtime) better bring back Dana Delany and fast. Playing a Senator on last night's episode, she was sharp, focused, and contained, packing more pow than all those younger actresses flopping their bodies and attitudes around. Her attempted seduction of Jennifer Beals' Bette was sexier and more insinuating than all the panting, heaving, instant-undress nookie-mashing they've been doing lately."
(James Wolcott, "The Pause that Refreshes," Jan. 30, 2006,

Made-up citation: "Since getting a puppy, I have had less energy to pursue nookie-mashing activities, though the puppy is El Chick Magneto. It's a paradox."

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