Sunday, April 08, 2007

Captain Cuckoopants

noun. Brigadier Batshit.

Real citation: "Okay, now my second big HA! moment: Locke killing Patchy. C'mon, how awesome was that?! I heart the Captain Cuckoopants side of Locke. It reminds me of the orange peel scene from the pilot and how I was convinced!!1!!1 that Locke was going to be a Godfather-type and split the Losties into a Island cult/crazy-paste eating group and a "rational" camp (led by Jack). But I digress! =P"
(WalkingDisaster, March 15, 2007,

Made-up citation: "There are a lot of Captain Cuckoopants in my family--enough to staff an enormous military-industrial ministry of nutso bugfuckery."

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