Wednesday, April 25, 2007


adj. Beer-scented.

Real citation: "One other thing martinis have in their favor, as I hinted about above, is the Adult Factor. You're not likely to get some drunken mook hitting on your lady friend (or two-bit tramp hitting on your fella) if everyone's daintily hoisting a martini glass. The atmosphere helps, too: soft light, Art Deco d├ęcor and subtle sconces make you feel a little better about downing a few cocktails than a beer-bestanked, dimly lit basement bar. Sinatra takes precedence over Sublime and the latest from So So Def. To boot, you're much less likely to be outed as an alkie."
(Timothy C. Davis, Feb. 7, 2007, Chocablog,

Made-up citation: "Beer-bestanked buxom bong bonanza blast! Beware, bucko!"

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