Wednesday, November 11, 2009


noun. A Samurai with feminine wiles--and feminine swords too.

Real citation: "Tarantino fans take note, this six-issue Marvel miniseries (which concludes this week as issue 6 hits the racks) was made for you. Originally created by Marvel in the '70s, deadly Samurai-ette Colleen Wing and tough talking ex-cop Misty Knight - who easily could be mistaken for Beatrix "The Bride" Kiddo and Jackie Brown respectively - return to prominence as bail bondswomen who make a living tracking down B-list costumed villains who evade the law. While "Daughters" is in no way groundbreaking, it is nothing if not fun. Full of over-the-top martial arts violence, cheesy dialog and oddball villains who most likely haven't seen print for decades, this is pure comic book escapism."
(July 19, 2006, Online Athens,

Made-up citation: "I just want to date one Samurai-ette before I die, probably at her hands... Is that too much to ask?"

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