Monday, August 15, 2005

wolfshit insane

adj. If you're crazy, and you eat, crap, fondle, collect, worship, lick, or admire wolf shit--and you know it--this term may well end up in your CIA profile.

Real citation: "The day after Cruise went wolfshit insane on Oprah, there was a rumor that a Brazilian shaman had presided over the marriage between White Stripes frontman Jack White and ectomorphic model Karen Elson on a canoe (and that Meg White had been the maid of honor).
(Chuck Klosterman, "In No One We Trust," page 130, Sept. 2005, Esquire)

Made-up citation: "The next time someone goes wolfshit insane on Oprah, I hope the wolf or wolfdude eats her."

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