Tuesday, August 30, 2005


noun. Say bye-bye to mental matter! Possibly through a straw!

Related terms: admiree, anus lickee, avengee, ball lickee, beatifee, besmirchee, betrayee, bitee, burnee, car-jackee, clobberee, cock and ball torturee, complimentee, consumee, counselee, cradle-robee, crapee, crushee, decapitatee, disectee, disparagee, downsizee, excommunicatee, exorcisee, filmee, fist fuckee, floodee, Frenchee, gawkee, giftee, golden showeree, gropee, headee, impeachee, killee, kissee, lecturee, lickee, likee, litigatee, lustee, massagee, mindfuckee, moldee, molestee, moochee, motivatee, mugee, murderee, nursee, obsessee, oglee, peggee, pervee, pervertee, piercee, pimpee, pissee, poopee, predatee, promotee, purse-snatchee, regiftee, reprimandee, scoldee, shagee, shitee, skullfuckee, slashee, slobberee, smoochee, smotheree, sniffee, snitchee, spankee, stabee, stalkee, staree, theftee, toe-suckee, undressee, whackee, yoinkee.

Real citation: "You can either be the brainsucker or the brainsuckee."
(Keeton Harrington, "A Political Attack," http://www.1km1kt.net/fiction/political_attack.php)

Made-up citation: "During my horrid night in a youth hostel--a night of snoring, talking, turning on the lights, banging the doors, and squeaking the beds in a squick-like fashion--I would gladly have been the brainsuckee to any enterprising young surgeon with a vacuum cleaner and a dream."

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