Friday, August 19, 2005


noun. You thought incest was best? Well, incest is fucking awesome! Whee!

Related terms: girl-tastic-ness, fat-tastic-ness, shit-tastic-ness, crap-tastic-ness, spiff-tastic-ness, drone-tastic-ness, freak-tastic-ness, awesome-tastic-ness, dork-tastic-ness, role-play-tastic-ness, snitch-tastic-ness, brat-tastic-ness, suck-tastic-ness, social-inept-tastic-ness, geek-tastic-ness, hyper-tastic-ness, war-tastic-ness, spas-tastic-ness, glitch-tastic-ness, ass-tastic-ness, frat-tastic-ness, yay-tastic-ness, retro-tastic-ness, jacket-sleeves-rolled-up-tastic-ness, fan-fucking-tastic-ness, fun-tacular-tastic-ness.

Real citation: "As for the P.Twins? I never made it to them, but they were a cool character even if their crazy incest-tastic-ness freaked me out...alot...Yeah, I saw the anime and they had an entire episode practically devoted to them and their backstory."
(PG-13, Nov. 2, 2003,

Made-up citation: "Some say incest-tastic-ness is wrong, but Mom always said, 'If you can't keep it in your pants, keep your entire nuclear family in an armed compound in New Mexico.'"

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