Monday, August 08, 2005

penguin-on-penguin action

noun. Dripping, steamy, sweaty, icy, well-dressed, adorable, hot monkey sex for flightless waterfowl.

Related terms: penguin porn.

Real citation: "When a male and female bond, the curve of their necks and their bowed heads form the shape of a heart. But that G rating ensures a lyrical fade-out. For penguin-on-penguin action, presumably, you have to wait for the unrated DVD."
(David Edelstein, "Hazzard payoff," Slate,

Made-up citation: "Penguin-on-penguin action leads our youth and birds down a slippery slope of liberalism and no moral fiber; soon, every school and streetcorner will be oozing with parakeet-on-grandma action."

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