Thursday, August 18, 2005

Searches that led some fine folks to this blog

and call me charlie
anti janet jackson
bald headed chicken fucker
batshit burgers
boob smiley
boobage dictionary
booty call psychology
buddha on a crutch
buff turd
butt cleavage
buttmunching hippies
cat copulating
cha cha columbia rat
cheese doodles
christina aguilera urinating in a bucket
christina aquilera bucket pee
christmas limericks for teenage boys
complaints against oprah winfrey
composing wedding invitations
cosmic donut
count crackula
crack robosapien
crazy monkey sex
crotch cleavage
delicious asses
difference between a shitload and an assload
dog ass
dog ate condom
donkey balls mentioned in the bible
doofus in chief
eco dildo
epic global orgies
fake sausages
fluffy ape kinda egg toy
for god’s sack
fuck pancakes george carlin
get a plook let em look
grazed noses
hair farming
hallucinate from watching the circles
have him stripped washed and brought to my tent
haven’t gotten into college
hell and eating feces
hilarious poem on dating
holy mother of mammaries
hoopy doopy
horse pucky
how to make a straightjacket
hulk hogan speedo
hung like a bat
hung like a chipmunk
hung like a hamster
hung like a moose
hung like a republican
hung like a seahorse
hung like a shetland pony
i am the kavorka
i’m hung like a stallion
in one’s pants
inserting horse semen
interoffice exorcisms
invading the personal boundary
iraq is a fucking disaster
israeli palestinian cornflake muffin
jesus christ on a cracker
jody double time drip drop
kitchy koo definition
leather pants blog
mammoth bird eating spider
mega shit bath extravaganza
merciful cheese
mini rasta
monetary value of leg amputation
monkey cheese
mr. horse
mythical birds
naked mole rats adam bible
non hooker sounding names
non nude thongs
panties off
personal boundary
perv poems
pet rat grunting sound
photographed naked on a horse
plumber’s cleavage
poems about wigs
poo poo brain
pookie wookie bears
poopie woopie
porn blowjobs in catholic confessionals
rambaldi files
rat eating onion
rat gods
reflux robo rumble
romantic luminist
romantic nicknames including snugglebunny
seattle man dies after sex with horse
senior exorcist
seven seas of loneliness
shit about jesus
since christ was a cowboy
skirt malfunction
smiley death reaper
staring at my ass
step brother fucker
strangulated testicle
strangulated testicles
super gurble
teen christian porn
testicle slamming
the society of truth japan
unprovoked testicle kicking
vixens of sauce
well butter my butt and cut me a biscuit
what is a booty call
what is a crack baby
what is a ggg girlfriend?
what is dykedar
what killed the mega breasts
where did the term fembot originate
who invaded spain in the 8th century?
who the fuck cares
who were the moops
why do pants pucker
words that end in p
you are my stud muffin poem
your ass sucks buttermilk

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