Friday, February 24, 2006


noun. The quality and essence of something that has been royally pumped full of crass sexual appeal, not unlike a blow-up doll. Pardon me, I've just been informed the preferred term is "Inflatable American."

Related terms: all-wrapped-upedness, backed-upedness, beat-upedness, blowing-upedness, blow-upedness, bottom-upedness, broken-upedness, built-upedness, bundled-upedness, bung-upedness, busted-upedness, catch-upedness, caught-upedness, chalked-upedness, charged-upedness, choked-upedness, chopped-upedness, cooped-upedness, crack-upedness, cuddled-upedness, dipfucked-upedness, fed-upedness, fired-upedness, fucked-upedness, fuck-upedness, funked-upedness, gear-upedness, grown-upedness, hard-upedness, high-upedness, hooked-upedness, hooking-upedness, hung-upedness, hyped-upedness, jacked-upedness, knocked-upedness, made-upedness, mashing-upedness, messed-upedness, mix-upedness, mocked-upedness, not-waking-upedness, one-upedness, pent-upedness, pop-upedness, power-upedness, psyched-upedness, puffed-upedness, pump-upedness, put-upedness, riled-upedness, ripped-upedness, runner-upedness, screwed-upedness, screw-upedness, serious-fucked-upedness, shut-upedness, stirred-upedness, stuck-upedness, stuffed-upedness, suckin’upedness, suck-upedness, total-fucked-upedness, un-made-upedness, warmed-upedness, washed-upedness, wash-upedness, woken-upedness, wound-upedness.

Real citation: "The basic rule of interpreting remade movies is to start with the insistence that the original is better while subvocally recognizing the better pacing and sex-upedness of the Hollywood remake."
(nanio, Jan. 23, 2006,

Made-up citation: "Sex-upedness does not necessarily involve sex, though dipfucked-upedness will always involve a dipfuck, according to dudes at a local research university."

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