Tuesday, April 25, 2006


adj. Non-whitey.

Real citation: "There’s a sushi joint in St. Bubba (the town where I work) that has become a favorite among my coworkers. Even Erin has been there; in the weird little downtown that comprises St. Bubba’s feistily non-corporate shopping drag (contrasted with its evil gentrified mall), there are number of funky (and sometimes even good) ethnic joints, including Burmese, more-than-adequate Mexican, and non-honkified Chinese."
(Dave, "Wait--This is Korean?", Jan. 4, 2006, http://www.chickenorbeef.net/wordpress/archives/2006/01/04/wait-this-is-korean/)

Made-up citation: "Lately, 'diverse' has been used as a synonym for 'black' or 'man, there's a lot of minorities here.' This non-diverse sense of 'diverse' also means 'non-honkified.'"

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