Tuesday, August 10, 2010

nether nozzle

noun. Depending on your culture, you may know it as a ding-ding, ding-a-ling, ding-dong, or purple-headed Yul Brynner impersonator.

Real citation: "6:27 p.m. Three teenage hitchhikers at L.K. Wood Boulevard and 14th Street freeway onramp may or may not have enhanced their chances at getting a ride when one lifted his shirt and licked his nipple, then unveiled his nether nozzle. These acts apparently scattered the populace, as no one was there when police arrived."
(May 26, 2010, Kevin L. Hoover, The Arcata Eye, http://www.arcataeye.com/2010/05/hitchers-nethers-evacuate-onramp-%E2%80%93-may-26-2010/)

Made-up citation: "Dudes, don't take it so personally when they neuter your dog. Balls go bye-bye, but it's not like they take his nether nozzle too."

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