Friday, November 28, 2008


noun. They prefer to be known as senior douches.

Real citation: "I'm going to beg to differ about his douchitude. While I admit whitey isn't classical, paleo-douche, he fits what has come to be called neo-douche. Neo douche is one who, without provocation or authorization, attacks sovereign hotties."
(Feb. 19, 2007, Hot Chicks with Douchebags,

Made-up citation: "As I get older, gradually inserting one piggy after another into the grave, it's not the graying of my hair or the defirming of these once-proud buttocks that I object to: it's the prospect of being labeled a paleo-douche after I'm dead, in a tasteful display at the Field Museum, from which I would educate thousands of schoolchildren a year. That is a terrible legacy. What did thousands of schoolchildren ever do for me?"

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Jenniffer said...

That douche blog is a haven for as-yet-undiscovered words.