Thursday, June 19, 2008


adj. The eloquence that springs from the admiration of boobamaphones or the renowned boobological region itself.

Real citation: "And because we've been especially babe-happy around here today for some reason, here's a gallery of Australian babe Emily Scott looking especially boobiloquent. That's an actual word—you can look it up if you want. We'll stay here with Emily while you do. "
(Dashiell Bennett, June 19, 2008, Fleshbot,

Made-up citation: "The word 'boobiloquent' has been traced to an obscure folio of Hamlet, in which the Shakespearian hero is more concerned with Ophelia's quadriboobage than his uncle's crimes. In this version, drooling and groping and plooking leave little room for philosophical contemplation or a rich inner life, much to the delight of the Elizabethan raincoat crowd."

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