Friday, August 31, 2007


noun. Part 3694B of our latest fembot model.

Real citation: “So, everyone is making a big fuss over these pictures of Victoria Beckham and husband David in the new issue of W Magazine. And I'll admit, they are actually pretty sexy shots. The lighting, the angles, the intense post-coital, and visible sex smell all make for some interesting images. Though I have to say, a lot of that is because of David Beckham, more than the Posh-Bot. Though, she is showing some robo side-boob.”
(July 12, 2007, Egotastic,

Made-up citation: "As we learned from the Austin Power movies, it's not the robo-sideboob that kills you: it's the robo-nipple-blasters. That's a lesson for all the kids."

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